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Nimby or Not in my backyard, is a game made during the second year of the Communication and Multimedia Design course at the Hanze UAS in Groningen, The Netherlands. It's main goal is to garner sympathy for green energy providers by making players deal with the same issues these companies have to go through when trying to provide renewable energy solutions. The name of the team who made NIMBY is called "Tidalwave Games". Broken Bag Games' role within NIMBY was helping with programming and eventually putting it on the Google Play Store. Please read along to find out more about "Tidalwave Games" and their story behind Nimby.

We worked with a local solar power company, Soleila, during the development of the game. During this time they offered helpful insights into the problems green energy companies face, and how we can change people's negative attitudes in a fun and engaging way.

The game itself is a simple puzzle game, where players have to try and get enough points per level to make it to the next one. Points are affected by how close the solar panels you place are to certain obstacles like houses and trees. Too close to trees and the shade with affect the panels, but too close to a house and the homeowner might get angry. We wanted to present these issues to as broad of an audience as we could, that if a solar park is being set up in your backyard, it’s because that’s the best place. Old or young, anyone can play and enjoy Nimby!

We at Tidal wave games value green energy enormously as we are all young adults care about the kind of world we will inherit, as well as generations after us. This project with Soleila was the perfect opportunity to make a difference as game developers. The future of our planet is important and games are a medium that can reach people that other, traditional methods, might not be able to.
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